F1 Sports EQ Nature Run 2010


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Profile of F1 Sports Equipment

F1 Sports Equipment is a newly set up company with a vision of creating an affordable sporting lifestyle for Singaporeans. We have a vision of creating a conducive environment for sports by providing affordable and reliable sports equipment especially to school athletes who strive for excellence in their field.
Thus the slogan- “Creating Sports Legends”.

F1 stands for "Top Form" , which means being at the top optimum form which is the ultimate goal of any athlete. For the company, being in top form means that we will be able to provide faster and better service as well as sales follow up.

F1 Sports Equipment is a company formed by competitive athletes who know the industry and have a passion for sports. This passion and knowledge is evident in our customer satisfaction guarantee. Our ultimate aim is to create a one stop solution to schools, in terms of event organisation (includes T-shirt printing and Number Tags) and sport equipment supplies. As former educators with schools, we know the heavy workload of educators in Singapore and aim to lighten their burden. Knowing the demands of the schools’ athletics scene also allow us to deliver superior goods together with an extremely positive buying experience.

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